“What’s ‘App-ening?” is chance to hear from some Greystoners about what apps they’re loving these days…

SnapseedMegan Refner, Web Marketing Specialist, is currently loving the photography app Snapseed (available for both iOS and Android).  She states, “As a photographer, I get a little stingy when I cannot edit my photos from my phone.  The exposure might be a little off, it needs more contrast (or less), or maybe I want to add a little vignette… Snapseed is the answer! Love it!!”

LetsWODTodd Evans, Web and Dev Project Manager, is staying fit with the LetsWOD.com Deck of Cards app. Todd says, “It’s a workout of the day based on a deck of cards.  You pick the exercises, 1 for each suite and then 1 for each joker.  The number of reps is based on the card value, with face cards at 10 and Aces at 11.  You hit go, the deck is shuffled and you go as fast as you can though it. 30 minutes of pain! It’s awesome!”

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