Entrance to FACCWritten by Molly Hazelrig, SEO Storyteller

Recently some of the folks here at Greystone, including members from both the Online Marketing and Development teams, were very fortunate to have been given a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center. Sandra Larson, Oncology Client Coordinator, was kind enough to take time out of her day to show our group around the facilities.

At one point, we were ushered into a large room with lead brick reinforced walls. As we turned the corner, I heard this statement being uttered in sheer amazement,

“Holy moly! That machine takes up the entire room!”

And I was the one who did the uttering.

Varian TrilogyI couldn’t help it. The machine looked incredible and what it does to fight against cancer is even more impressive. One of only three in the United States to be used solely for animal cancer radiation therapy, the Varian Trilogy System delivers precisely targeted doses of radiation to specific areas. The accuracy of this system helps prevent the elimination of healthy tissue by specifically targeting only the cancerous areas.

While the machinery and overall technology were impressive, the most notable part of the tour for me was sitting in with the doctors and students on the round table discussions regarding their animal patients and treatment options. Not only was the breadth of knowledge just flat out amazing, but the compassion that the FACC folks displayed was remarkable. One case involved a dog who needed to overnight at the hospital and there was no shortage of volunteers when it was stated that this dog would need some extra walkings and overall TLC. It’s this kind of personalized attention, this kindness that was the stand-out feature of our Flint Animal Cancer Center tour.

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