For the second straight year, Greystone Technology Group was named a finalist for “Small Business of the Year” at the 29th Annual Small Business Leadership Awards Ceremony, hosted by the South Metro Denver Chamber.  Last year, the award went to our great friends over at Footers Catering, and this year the top honor went to T.A. Pelsue Company.

The ages-old cliche of “It’s an honor to simply be nominated…” actually rings true once again.  We really are honored and humbled to be named with such great companies, to be recognized for the work we’ve done, and for the client community we’ve gathered around us.  We’re incredibly proud of the work we’re doing with our clients, and of the team we’ve assembled and we’re looking forward to throwing our hat in the ring again next year!

It was also great to hear from Interim CEO of the SMDC, Marcia McGilley, as she shared insight into where the Chamber has been, where we are and where we’re headed.  She’s providing great leadership for the Chamber through this time of transition, and whoever is named as the next CEO will find the Chamber in great shape!

Comedy Works – South provided a great venue and warm hospitality for the evening.

Other individuals and companies receiving awards:

Here are a few pics of the evening!

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