David Ferszt - IT Consultant, Pipe Smoker
David Ferszt – IT Consultant, Pipe Smoker

Here at Greystone, we’ve launched a newsletter (We’d love to have you sign up here: http://eepurl.com/r3Ovf) Or, you can visit last month’s newsletter here. One of the ongoing features of our Newsletter will be a brief “interview” of one Greystone team member by another Greystone team member. This month, we feature Brian Pedersen, Implementation Consultant, as interviewed by David Ferszt, IT Consultant.

Brace yourselves… this one is a little weird! 🙂

DF: How do you get an elephant in a Safeway bag?  I will give you a hint, you take the ‘S’ out of S-A-F-E and the ‘F’ out of W-A-Y.

BP: There is no ‘F’ in W-A-Y…

DF: Exactly!  If you could ask yourself a question, what would it be and how would you answer it?

BP: Q: Who is your favorite Greystone Employee? A: I feel like this could be a trick question. I really like working with you, but Amanda makes cookies. Hmmm…. I think I would have to say you are my favorite.

Brian Pedersen - Implementation Consultant, John C. Riley Fan
Brian Pedersen – Implementation Consultant, John C. Riley Fan

DF: I am a little confused as to whether I am your favorite or you are your own favorite employee…  Moving right along, if you had to pick another question, what would be the answer be to that question?

BP: A: Because I love doing it and I think it is the best thing in the world.

DF: If you were on Jeopardy and had “Cable TV Personalities for $200” with the answer being “This TV Judge is the highest paid person on television.”  What would your response be?

BP: Who is Judge Judy?

DF: Thank you for your question, Brian.  Judith Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, and was born October 21st 1942.  She began her career in law in 1965 as an attorney and became a judge in 1982.  Her television career began in 1996 with her self-titled show.  Her show, Judge Judy, has been on the air ever since.  Judge Judy airs regularly Monday-Friday at 3PM until 5PM MST on KDVR.  The channel number will vary depending on your carrier.  Who is your television provider?

BP: Comcast.

DF: I see.  In that case you will be able to enjoy Judge Judy on channel 13.  I have Dish network which provides great service.  They even have a referral bonus of $50.  Have you considered changing to Dish Network?

BP: No I have not.

DF: If you had one secret super power how would you abuse it?  (Don’t tell me what the power is, just how you are planning to abuse it)

BP: I would probably use it to make it seem like I’m at work, but actually be at home or on vacation. That or use it for profit, I’d probably just use it for profit.

DF: Can you cry under water?

BP: Only in freshwater. Salt water causes some issues, I can go into it more if you would like.

DF: Yes, please elaborate.

BP: Well taking into consideration the salinity of salt water is approximately the same as my tears, there would be no displacement of liquid.  Fresh water, on the other hand, would see a change in the overall salinity of the water.

DF: Salt kills slugs.  If you had 3 questions you could ask me, what would they be?

BP: Q1: What do you like to do in your free time?  Q2: What was your first experience with a computer?  Q3: Why the hatred for fish?

DF: Do you want to go get some lunch?

BP: Wahoos?

DF: …thank you for your time.

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