Jenna Lang, Online Marketing Specialist

Here at Greystone, we’ve launched a newsletter (We’d love to have you sign up here: Or, you can visit last month’s newsletter here.

One of the ongoing features of our Newsletter will be a brief “interview” of one Greystone team member by another Greystone team member.

This month, we feature Craig Arcuri, IT Support Tech, as interviewed by Jenna Lang, Online Marketing Specialist.

JL: If you could be any Disney princess, which princess would you be and why?
CA: Since Disney just purchased Lucas Arts last year, I’ll have to go with Princess Lea, cause she was just bad ass!

JL: What color would your princess dress be and why?
CA: Would Lea’s outfit she wore while being chained to Jabba the Hut count?  Who can forget that???

JL: I know I speak for everyone when I say we all wish we could see you in that outfit 😉  Can you please show us how you would look if you were a princess?

CA: Here you go…

Craig as Warrior Princess...






JL: Do you prefer the term tiara or crown?
CA: Crown…I don’t normally pretend I’m a female princess, and Tiara is just to Girly.

JL: Because, of course, this whole thing isn’t too girly… wise choice to avoid the tiara… How would you describe your prince charming?
CA: He would be a big hairy Troll with snot coming out of his nose and big pointy ears!

JL: And would he be in charge of rescuing in your moment of despair?
CA: No, I would be in charge probably.

JL: If you were locked in a tower, guarded by a two headed dragon that spits flames, how would the rescue or escape go down.
CA: Two headed, fire-breathing dragons are cool!  I wouldn’t want to be rescued if that were the case!

JL: What song have you found most attracts the forest wildlife?
CA: When I think of this question, I think of that special whistle they did in the forest in The Hunger Games.

The real Craig Arcuri!

JL: If you had to guess, which wicked witch would be out get you and why?
CA: Probably the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, because I would have told her how damn ugly and hideous she was!

JL: Are you aware of any curses put upon you by that witch.
CA: I’m very blessed in my life to be cursed.

JL: Lucky man!  If you and the wicked witch were in an epic battle for survival, how would you defeat her?
CA: I would take her broom, snap it in half, then go all Bruce Lee over her!

JL: And finally, how much can you bench press?
CA: Back in the day when I was in the Air Force and actually lifted on a regular basis, I used to bench press between 280-300 depending how I was feeling.  Now that I’m retired and don’t lift as much as I used to, its probably around 230.

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