By Mike McManus, Consultant

We upgraded one of our clients, Change Labs, to SharePoint 2013 in July.   They are a very cool client that is based out of Australia and is host to Australia’s leading financial literacy program.  Change Labs is a very fast moving and fun company that wants to change the world and I believe they will.  They are now quickly adopting SharePoint 2013 and are seeing its many benefits and potential.  I had a fantastic time working with all of them and greatly enjoyed my time there in Australia.

After working with SharePoint 2013 I am finally fully confident in what it can do.  Not only have they have made vast improvements from what it used to be, but they are continuing to improve.  Among its many benefits SharePoint allows people to work remote and still have easy access to company and personal files from any machine.  If used properly it can even create a central point of access for the whole company to access info such as news updates, calendars, events and much more!  SharePoint also has a social network app in it called Yammer.  This app allows the company to stay connected with one another and share experiences.

I have never been overseas before this trip to Australia, so that alone was pretty exciting!  Sadly I did not see any animals while I was there but I did however get to tour Sydney and go out on the town with the ChangeLabs group!  The city has a breath taking beauty to it and has many hidden treasures.  In my time there I was able to visit the opera house, the beach and just simply walk around the city taking it all in.  One of the nights we ended up visiting an underground bar that appeared to be old American western themed and made drinks from freshly juiced fruits!  It was quite the sight and I am glad I was able to make the trip.  I would love to go again but next time I hope to have more time to be the typical tourist!

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